The world has a lollipop problem and Canada needs to do something about it

Lollipop: a term sex offenders use for victims of child sexual abuse material

Every 12 hours,
10,824 new lollipop images are detected online by Project Arachnid

Lolli: The Exhibit Nobody Wants To Talk About

One exhibit. Three days. Over 1,200 visitors who learned about the problem that we should all talk about.

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There’s Hope

In Canada, and around the world, child sexual abuse material is a growing social epidemic. It’s a dark subject that nobody wants to talk about.

Victims of this unspeakable crime have been seen, not heard. If they’re forced to endure it, we can talk about it.

Here’s why there’s hope, and how we will execute the Lollipop Takedown:

Project Arachnid is our global tool to identify and send notices to content providers, requesting the removal of millions of child sexual abuse images online.

Shield by Project Arachnid is a new tool we developed to give content providers the power to detect and remove child sexual abuse images on their network.

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87% of victims were 11 or younger when the abuse started. 56% were under 4 years old.

On any given day, Canadians have access to over 13,000 URLs with child sexual abuse images.

85% of victims have not been previously identified.

Every survivor has a story

We understand that if you’re a survivor, this website may be difficult to experience. We believe it is important to tell the stories of survivors and support the power of your voices to challenge the inadequate responses to the prevalence of child sexual abuse images on the internet.

Every child sexual abuse image removed is not only a victory for survivors, but demonstrates the value of safety and protection for all children.

Click to hear just a few of the thousands of survivor stories.

If you need support, you can contact us here.

To report any instances of child sexual abuse images, visit:

If you need support, you can contact us here.

To report any instances of child sexual abuse images, visit:
Lollipop takedown.

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